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              Nantong youde leather products co.,ltd lies in the bank of the beautiful Changjian River, the opening Nantong port is 40 minutes’ walk away, Shanghai port is 80 minutes’ walk away,and is convenient in transportation of water, land and air.
               With the following of reforming and opening deeply, our unremitting exerting ourselves,our company is appraised advanced collectivity and honor
            else by Rugao and Nantong, government. And we have the right of exporting freely.
               Now in our company there are about 6933 cubic meters in our company including building area,3020 cubic meters. We can process leather goods mainly with fixed asset ,RMB 44.3 million ,floating fund, RMB 35 million.
              We are more than 200 employees, including 12 technicians. We have rich strength of technology and all kinds of equipments including 160 sartoriuses made in China and other countries
            01  Pig grain leather gloves
            02  Cow grain leather glove
            03  Driver glove
            04  Welding glove
            05  Winter glove
            06  Fabric glove
            07  Nylon nitrile glove
            08  Other
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